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Madness Machinery Power Wheelbarrows


750 lbs of Hauling Power

Load them up and the won't let you down. We have excellent services, parts and repair.

Who We Are

The Madness Machinery Power Wheelbarrows increase productivity, decrease

manpower costs and the chance of injury. Powered by Honda GXV and utilizing a

special-built Madness Machinery transmission, our Power Wheelbarrows provide

strength and durability throughout the life of your machine.

We have exceptional customer service with a one-year warranty. We have a fully

stocked parts department that can service almost any power wheelbarrow out

there. A removable flatbed, forklift, and skip extension is available by special order.

We can also design specialized accessories for your application. We help provide

solutions for Power Wheelbarrow needs. Designed by Canadians for Canadians. Power wheelbarrows for sale to fit your every need.